Friday, 2 December 2016

Are You Searching For Controversial Research Paper Topics?

But you might not be able to sort through so many topics to find one which is the best for you. If you have to write a term paper on notorious topics then here is how you go about it:
o Find out several recent or old litigious topics. Take your time to sort through several current as well as old newspapers, magazines, journals, news portals, research articles, critics and online sources for research purposes.
o Try to find a topic which is relevant to the current time. But it's not really necessary to have something which is in the news right now! Try to find a topic like the American involvement in the Gulf war. Not really current but still a hot topic of debate.
o Do the research completely. You might have to sort through several different sites. Please do take the time to find both sides of the conversations. If you have to present the topic is front of an audience then you should be prepared to know the oppositions view point as well as the justifications for your stand. If the topic you've selected is local then do interview the local people interviewed. But take the extra effort of getting in touch with the big players involved in the topic you are researching. With email making things so accessible, drop a mail to leading people involved in the issue you were debating on and you should get a reply.
o Research all current and archived information on the subject before you ask for comments from the leading players. Prepare an outline of all of the latest information with the archived information in an outline so that you can understand the flow of events. This can even act as the tentative outline for your thesis presentation.
o Read everything you have written and then immediately jot down points or ideas as they come to your mind. Please do put in personal thoughts and opinions too.
o Once you've understood the topics and your points on it write it down in your own words. The whole point of the exercise is that the professor wants your opinion on the essay. He also wants to know your viewpoint and how you formulate your arguments to discuss it. Do not add conjecture and gossip to your essays as you will not have proof to back it up. Show clearly, logically and concisely how you reached the conclusion you have presented in your paper.
Most professors may also want to look at your tentative controversial research paper topics list before you start. Please select a specific format, bibliography and reference source for your essay. Best of luck on your presentation!

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