Friday, 2 December 2016

Prepping Your Computer to Participate in Online Paid Survey Research

Paid Survey Research has many rewards. You can provide your opinion to companies, and manufactures thereby contributing to the shaping of future services and products affecting the public at large. A great reason in lending your opinion is that you can be compensated to do so. One of the easiest ways to participate in this kind of research is through online research. You can participate in online surveys from a computer, tablet, smartphone, webcam etc. There is barely a limit to the methods that can be used for survey research.
If you are interested in participating in paid survey research, then there are a few things that could be done to prepare for it.
Prepping your Computer for Survey Participation
As with anything involving computers, you already know it can have plenty of issues, and bugs which can interrupt progress. We've all had that enraging experience of being in the middle of a paper, and then suddenly MS Word crashes... and to think it you had clicked on the save button, your work would be gone forever. So in this example, by not saving often, you've ended up wasting a good amount of time.
Similarly, if your survey "crashes", a good amount of the time you will not be compensated for it.
During a survey, the following can happen:
  • System Crash,
  • Unexpected Power off,
  • "Server not found" error,
  • Other errors in general,
  • Not saving information correctly, etc..
This list can go on and on. Below is a list of things the user can do to minimize effort and time loss due to being less than prepared.
Prepare your computer by doing the following tasks:
  1. - Use a windows computer if possible to prevent OS incompatibility issues.
  2. - Use Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox. (For Maximum Browser Compatibility)
  3. - Keep your Internet Browser updated to latest release.
  4. - Install and update Java, and Flash software frequently.
  5. - Use a password application like 1password, or RoboForm.
  6. - Setting up a separate email account for survey offers
  7. - Bookmark all survey accounts for easy access in your browser.
Other good ideas include:
  • - Doing 1 survey at a time.
  • - Taking your time during surveys.
  • - Reading each question thoroughly, and make thoughtful choices.
  • - If you have an error after a completed survey, take a snapshot of the error and contact customer service with the study number.
  • - Stay positive. Being positive keeps you consistent, and being consistent earns you more at the end of the day.

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